Probabilities in the Galaxy


A Distribution Model for habitable Planets

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18.3 - Possible answers

There are two positions one can take on aliens and the UFO phenomenon:

1) There are no aliens and interstellar space travel is not possible.
There are no aliens or interstellar space travel is not possible, so no one ends up here.

2) Aliens land here.
The UFO phenomenon as well as statements from whistleblowers and other people or reports on encounters of the third type, including kidnappings, can be cited as evidence here. Further evidence could be the sightings of strange life forms such as lizard people (reptiloids) or the Yeti or Bigfoot, as well as the phenomenon of global cattle mutilations and crop circles, which are repeatedly linked to UFOs.

But if aliens exist, why don't they land publicly?

Here are 10 possible answers:

1) There is already cooperation between humans and aliens. Aliens are already on Earth (see Whistleblower) and it is being kept secret.

2) There is an agreement between earthly governments and aliens that prohibit landings.

3) There is something like a prime directive in the galaxy that prohibits interference.

4) There is a balance of power in the galaxy so that the balance of power does not allow interference.

5) Previous sightings are preparation for a future public alien landing.

6) Undisturbed observation is important for scientific research into the human species or for conducting experiments on people or animals.

7) We are too aggressive and primitive for the aliens or unacceptable for other reasons (social, sociological, psychological).

8) They don't want their technology to fall into our hands (risk of self-destruction or because they see us as competition).

9)If there have been sexual contacts with aliens and offspring in the past (and in the present), then Earth is something like a genetic laboratory.

10) The invasion is already taking place without us noticing, e.g. infiltration through genetic manipulation.


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 Probabilities in the Galaxy

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