Probabilities in the Galaxy


A Distribution Model for habitable Planets

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18.5 - Conclusion for future encounters

The main problem in radio astronomy is that the intensity of the signals decreases as the square of the distance. This means that at a distance of 55 light years, the intensity of common radio, radio, television, etc. signals is so low that they can no longer be measured.

This effect causes a deterioration in the probability of receiving a „normal" signal from another civilization. However, there are still sufficiently strong signals remaining, such as the message that was sent via the Arecibo antenna in 1974 or the wow signal. Such signals are also sought after wanted.

Therefore, the intensity effect does not affect the SETI, distance, and time period considerations. Therefore, the previous SETI considerations can be viewed as a „best case scenario".

A consequence of the galactic civilizational situation, with up to 80 spacefaring civilizations, including 10 ancient civilizations and their daughter civilizations, is that something like a galactic order must exist in which each species at least respects the space of another species.

As in every association, individual parties will have formed here too. Who act with each other or against each other. As galactic newcomers, we therefore do not know which interest group an alien belongs to. Therefore, future encounters should be approached with caution. Because you don't know who you're dealing with.

For reasons of self-preservation alone, we should be wary of extraterrestrial civilizations. I agree with the cautionary stance of David Brin and Stephen Hawking.

As soon as the derived findings are confirmed, we humans will finally be pushed off the pedestal of the „crown of creation“ and will no longer represent the pinnacle of evolution. We will then be just one species among many and are not particularly technologically and spiritually developed .

The question here is whether humanity can cope with such a paradigm shift.


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 Probabilities in the Galaxy

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