Probabilities in the Galaxy


A Distribution Model for habitable Planets

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3 - „Earth 2.0“

3.1 - How many „Earth 2" are possible?

Earth Up to this point all considerations are based on the empirical data of the Keplertelescope and catalog data. Ttherefore they represent aproximately the real situation. The probability Fe for a second earth is still an uncertain parameter.

The term "earth 2" derives from the phrase "earth two point zero".

Developed from equation 2.5.2 for solar-like star systems, with habitable, remote earth-like planets, the number of the habitable "Earths 2" in our galaxy, according to this:

3.1.1 Equation Nhe = Nha Fe
he= A Fsph Fg Fa Fe
he= A Fs Fp Fh Fg Fa Fe


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 Probabilities in the Galaxy

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