Probabilities in the Galaxy


A Distribution Model for habitable Planets

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6.6.1 - Hypothetically

In the book „Alien-Hypothese“ it can be shown that the UFO phenomenon:

a) is real
b) is a global phenomenon
c) is partly extraterrestrial

The book „Alien-Hypothese“ (Part 1 - Chapter 4) names several whistleblowers, people from the military, research and politics who publicly admit to having had something to do with extraterrestrial technology and/or to have met aliens in this context. ben. Two people are particularly worth mentioning because both were employed in high positions in the same company.

Dr. Ben Rich, director of Lockheed Skunkworks and author of the book „Skunk Works: A Personal Memoir of My Years of Lock-heed“ even announced twice in January 1995, shortly before his death, that aliens and UFOs were real.
We already have the technology to bring ET home. No, it doesn't take a whole human life to do that. There is an error in the equations and we know where it is. We now have the ability to travel to the stars.“.

Former leading Lockheed scientist Boyd Bushman Boyd Bushman died on August 7, 2014. Shortly before his death, he reported on his personal experiences with UFOs and aliens via video on YouTube. He claimed that aliens up to 200 years old were not only a reality, but had also repeatedly visited Earth. He also gave those present images to support his claim.

WHe further stated that an alien race living 68 light years away would only need 35 Minutes to reach Earth. This corresponds to an average travel speed of 1 times the speed of light.

In physical notation: Vjourney = 1 Mc

In Star Trek notation: Vjourney = 1 MWarp

Clifford Stone is said to have been involved in top secret UFO cases for 22 years, is said to have been an on-site witness in at least 12 UFO recoveries and is said to have met numerous extraterrestrial beings. He claims that a species 100 light years away would need 100 minutes to get to Earth. This corresponds to approximately 500,000 times the speed of light as the traveling speed.

All authors provide only vague information about the type of propulsion for interstellar space travel. It appears that this is a matter of spatial distortion effects or wormhole or tunnel technologies that apparently enable high speeds.

If you calculate this further with the default 1Mc cruising speed, you get the following results:

Through the galaxy in 36 days (100,000 Ly)
In 2 months to the Magellanic Clouds (190,000 Ly)
In 30 months to the Andromeda Galaxy (2,500,000 Ly)

The entire local group of galaxies (25 galaxies) could be reached, traveled and explored within a manageable period of time (1/2 year).
The capability for interstellar space travel results in an exploration space that encompasses virtually the entire local group of galaxies.

As far as what is hypothetically possible. This results in the following consequences:
A race that is able to transport matter through space and time has also found ways to send energy or information there, i.e. something like an interstellar radio exists and it should NOT work on an electromagnetic basis.
Humanity is currently in the process of developing such technology. With quantum technology based on entangled particles. With further development, this will enable tap-proof and instantaneous communication, i.e. faster than light.
It can be assumed that such a type of communication not only makes sense, but is even standard for interstellar travel. So when space-faring aliens use this technology to communicate, a silence in space on the electromagnetic frequency band is understandable due to the security against interception on the one hand and the signal speed faster than light on the other. This results in the following consequence:

We are listening with the wrong tools at SETI

SETI therefore behaves as if you were waiting for drum signals or smoke signals while the others were talking to each other on the telephone or conducting radio communications.
When we actively send electromagnetic signals into space, we also send information about our technological status.

This means that only civilizations at a certain level of development use electromagnetic signals and thereby give themselves away, so to speak.

The more technologically advanced civilizations can therefore no longer be intercepted.


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