Probabilities in the Galaxy


A Distribution Model for habitable Planets

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7.2 - Age of a Civilization

Today's humanity has existed for about 300,000 years and it can be assumed that it will continue to exist for another 100,000 years. For comparison: the Neanderthal culture existed for about 250,000 years.
In view of the considerations in Chapter 6.1 on the development stages, where the average service life with
∑ Tm = 342,980 years and ∑ Tn = 297,292 years, was determined in an initial approach, it can now be defined:

7.2.1 Axiom The average life age of a technological civilization is set at L = 400,000 years (minimum).

You can assume that an old civilization is at least twice as old as that of of the average service life. This allows following definition:

7.2.2 Axiom An old civilization is a culture that is at least one million years old.


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 Probabilities in the Galaxy

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