Probabilities in the Galaxy


A Distribution Model for habitable Planets

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17.2 - Future Levels of a Civilization

There are several ways in which a civilization can develop in the future. With these possibilities it is like with the civilization levels 9 and 10, which can be considered, but we lack the experience or we simply do not know if this is possible at all.

Besides extinction, degeneration and military dictatorships, in our view there is a first choice for a civilization to choose a technological path or an ecological path. Therefore, civilizations can be divided into two groups:
  1. bioconservative civilizations
  2. technocratic civilization

bioconservative civilization

Bioconservative civilizations are cultures that live in harmony with nature and from renewable energies. No overexploitation or overpopulation and planetary structures are more agrarian. Such civilizations have a more spiritual or ecological attitude.

technocratic civilization
Technocratic civilizations enable civilization development through technological progress. There are the following possibilities of further development:

  1. Nomadic Civilization
  2. technological civilization
  3. autoevolutive civilization
  4. AI civilization
  5. Robot Civilization

Nomadic civilization
If a civilization has long enough interstellar space travel, it is quite possible that it will go all the way into space. Therefore, extraterrestrial civilizations may exist that favor life in space, generational spaceships or flying cities or the like on planets.

technological civilization
Technological civilizations can be represented like in many SF movies, e.g. Star Trek or Stars Wars. Such civilizations have the attitude that civilizational development is made possible by technological and scientific progress at all levels.

autoevolutive civilization
A civilization that has decoded DNA is entering the autoevolutionary level. Through DNA manipulation, it is possible to follow a completely unique evolutionary path. In an auto-evolutionary civilization, there is a danger that it will steer itself into a genetic impasse.

AI Civilization
In an AI civilization, machine intelligence and human consciousness are coupled or fused together. Coupling should be possible in any case, but it is questionable whether a merge is feasible at all consciousness and AI could be so incompatible that uploading or copying a consciousness into memory simply does not work. It is also questionable whether AI can create a real consciousness.
Otherwise there are hardly any limits to development. Cybernetic organisms could then also exist in hardware such as software.

Robot Civilization
Pure robot civilizations are still conceivable. One possibility would be the development from an AI civilization. Another possibility would be the development and production by a species and subsequent separation from it. However, here too it is questionable whether such a thing even exists.


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 Probabilities in the Galaxy

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